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Vampire Knight Chapter 76 Translation

Raw links provided by clicheforfun on VK LJ community. Very Happy So thanks for this! 

Disclaimer: For those who are familiar with me translating VK raws from Chinese, you will probably know this very well by now. Basically, lost in translation will occur. This will inevitably be wrong in certain spots. Other areas, the dialogue could be worded a bit better but I want to keep everything as direct translations wherever possible. 
Also, whenever on character is speaking across several panels, I put them in separate lines.

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Witless Fool

VK Chapter 75 Translation

Disclaimer: I've done this a couple of times before so for those who are familiar with me translating VK chapters from Chinese, you know the drill. The translation will inevitably be wrong in certain spots. Other areas, the dialogue could probably be worded a bit better but I want to keep everything as direct translations where-ever possible. Brackets contains my interpretations of the dodgy areas.

Also, whenever one character is speaking across several panels, I put them in separate lines.

Credit to clicheforfun for posting the raws up on the VK LJ community :)

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Done! Yay!

Apologies in advance for any mistakes I've no doubt made.

Witless Fool

Reflections: Mona Lisa Smile

 So this month's discussion on PH is the film "Mona Lisa Smile." Being the rambling person that I am (why do you think my blog is called what it's called?), I end up jotting down more thoughts than I could put in the comments section, so I decide to dump all my thoughts here.

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And that's all, folks ^_~

Borders Gift Card

I was at the Borders book store on Thursday, thinking of buying some books using my gift card. But after much debate, I decided to save it for another day and left. Then I saw the news on Borders going into voluntary administration that night and I didn't think much of it. After all, they even said customers won't be affected. Hell, if I knew what I know now, I would definitely have gone straight back to Chadstone and used that card up. FAST.

The next day (yesterday), the proverbial s*** hit the fan. Everyone was told they had to spend double the value in order to redeem their card. i.e. to redeem a $25 gift voucher, you had to buy $50 worth of books. When we saw that on the news, I thought, "hell."

Which brings us to today. Mum and I rushed into the Borders book store first thing in the morning and I have never seen so many people at the checkout counter. Sure, there was always plenty of customers in the bookstore on a Saturday but most were browsers not buyers. On further inspection, every single one of them was clutching a gift card in their hands. Gee, I wonder why.

So I selected my books, went to the counter, they scratched off the pin and then told me the computer system had crashed and I'd have to come back either Monday or later to get the card redeemed. They assured me that scratching off the pin wasn't an issue. So we left on our merry way, thinking this was the end of the story.

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Asian parents, what do you expect?

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So to all the staff members at Borders, I apologize for my mum's behaviour and I sympathize with you guys if you have to face customers like her every day now that your guys are down in the dumps.


 Today is the eve of Chinese New Year and like all the previous years, Mum and I are going to stay up all night and watch the Spring Festival Gala Show on CCTV via the Internet. Which will be very interesting when you factor in the time differences as we'll technically be doing the midnight countdown at 3AM.

Oh, why do I even put myself through this every year. The show is getting worse and worse each year. My Chinese is so terrible I can hardly understand the jokes in the skits anymore. But without fail, every year that we have good enough Internet connection, we watch the four hours of torture. 

Well, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 


I'm back :)

Dear Livejournal,

Heh heh, this makes, what, the first time I've posted here in over a year. I thought migrating over to Blogger would be a good change. But I don't know, I've tried it out for a year and there are bits of it I like over there and bits of it I like over here. I love Bloggers' add-ons and tabs and things. But I love LJ's layouts and the fact that most of my friends (precious few they are) are over here. Even while writing over there, I'd continue to lurk on LJ just to read my friends' entries (disclaimer: I'm not a stalker. Repeat. I'm NOT a STALKER).

So I guess this entry marks my return on LJ. I think LJ is more suited to a personal journal so yeah... I'm still going to post on Blogger. On what, though, I'm not quite sure. Hopefully it's something I can figure out along the way *smacks forehead* XD

I know it's a bit late in the month but I thought I'd keep up with old traditions and make some resolutions. Let's see how many I can break this year.

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My brain is too tired to figure out my other resolutions. I think I'm going to just stick to 4. I remember at 18, I had 18 resolutions and ended up only keeping 2. 2 out of 18 - horrific. But 2 out of 4, not that bad, I think. So yes, 4 it is. (Ignoring my parents' warnings that 4 is an unlucky number). 

Till next time,


EDIT: I just figured out a new resolution. Figure out how this "Cut" function work so that I don't end up with 4 cuts on the same entry. ROAR

New Home...

Hey, after discovering some of my friends are still referring to this site for my blog entries, I've decided to direct you all to my new home:


Hope to see you all there!

World - What are we doing?

Are we just going to stand by and let Israel tear the Gaza Strip into bits and pieces? And for what?

To all those people out there who are not yet cynical about world politics, let me give you the blunt truth. Yes, the fight between the two sides have been going on for a long time. Yes, this fight is likely to never end under the so-called cease-fire truce. But that's not what this attack is about. Israel is not doing it to stamp out terror, despite what George W Bush said. They're not doing it for more territory or to get rid of Hamas or whatever of a hundred reasons people can think of to justify this attack. They're killing hundreds of innocent civilians for the sake of an election. That's right. A bloody election (no puns intended).

Ehud Barak, the Defence Minister, has been falling behind the polls lately in his bid for Prime Minister. So what does he do? Launch an airstrike on the Gaza Strip. Surprise, surprise, just three days afterwards, his figures in the poll have risen. Now, political commentators project that his chances of getting the top job is good as long as the Gaza campaign turns out well.

Just a few hours ago, Israel has rolled tanks into the Gaza strip. And what is the rest of the world doing? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just because the Prime Minister of UK says, "please cease fire" doesn't mean it's going to work. Not to be outdone, George W Bush even rejected calls for a cease-fire because in his words, that would allow the Islamists to to continue hitting Israel with rockets.

But then again, Bush has always been the type to not do anything unless there's something for him to gain. Just think back to a couple of weeks to when the relationship between India and Pakistan was getting sour. When Pakistan starts moving troops to her Indian border, ready for assault if need to, the US didn't even bat an eyelid. It wasn't until later when it was learnt that the troops were being moved from Pakistan's border with Afghanistan did Bush try to calm the situation down.

I don't know why but this whole situation really infuriates me. I'm not choosing sides as both sides have something wrong with them. But that's not what this whole thing is about. It's about those civilians out there whose deaths are just contributing to a statistics that news anchors read out at 6pm each night. So for the sake of those civilians out there, just stop the fighting, please?

Public Secrets

*Rub hand over eyes* I'm currently plowing my way through that book by Nora Roberts. I haven't finished but I can already tell this is going to be my most hated book of hers. While Roberts is undoubtedly my favourite author of all times, I've felt nothing but disgust and annoyance combined with the feeling that I will be more than glad to get rid of this book once I'm finished with it. Then again, perhaps the fact that she could invoke such emotions out of me makes her an even greater author. Those who have read Nora Roberts' novels would acknowledge the fact that she writes a lot of weak women (in my mind) who would let their cheating beating ex-husband take a large chunk of settlement without batting an eyelid, who would refuse to go to the police even when they were beaten to within an inch of their life. I know there are women like that out there and they have their reasons. But hell, if it was me, I would have fought back and settle down for a long and ugly divorce. But I would like to think of it as being strong and standing up for myself rather than vindictive. Oh well, whatever.

"Public Secrets" (don't worry, I'm not going to spoil it) is even worse (by a multiple of several hundred, I think) than "The Fall of  Devin MacKade" or "Suzanna's Surrender." Because for the rest, I could squeeze out that ounce of annoyance I feel and still enjoy the book, reminding myself constantly it's just a book. But with this, it sort of just continued building until halfway through, I got so mad I couldn't bother reading it anymore, so I'm currently flipping through the pages, trying to get to the end ASAP, something that hasn't happened before.

If you don't know what I mean, pick up a copy of it yourself.